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Naval hydraulic systems expert

MACH YACHTING operates on all your onboard hydraulic systems. We provide repair, maintenance, and servicing of hydraulic systems on yachts, superyachts, and megayachts.

Workshop based in Saint-Laurent-du-Var, MACH YACHTING has been responding to all types of requests in the Mediterranean basin for over 10 years.

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Maintenance & servicing

Mach Yachting performs the necessary hydraulic maintenance and servicing for all onboard systems present on yachts, superyachts, and megayachts.

Regular maintenance of hydraulic systems is essential to avoid unexpected failures and prolong the lifespan of the equipment. Maintenance programs are designed and offered to adapt to all specific needs, ensuring a customized process to guarantee optimal functioning of the installations.

Asistance & troubleshooting

Mach Yachting is available 24/7 for all types of hydraulic equipment failures on yachts.

A free quote is provided based on the urgency of the repair.

Rapid intervention is guaranteed to minimize downtime and ensure a fully operational system in no time.

An expert in diagnosing and repairing all sorts of hydraulic problems and on all types of equipment, Mach Yachting has a workshop in Saint-Laurent du Var, close to the main ports on the Coast, ensuring speed and efficiency during interventions and when replacing high-quality spare parts.

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Monitoring & supervision

Mach Yachting offers monitoring and supervision services to ensure the efficiency and safety of hydraulic systems.

Specialized technicians perform regular checks to ensure the proper functioning of all hydraulic systems, thereby identifying opportunities for optimization to enhance performance and efficiency: proposals of targeted adjustments to extend the lifespan of the installations and reduce operational costs.

The team monitors maintenance periodicities to ensure that all inspections and revisions are carried out at the right time, thus avoiding unforeseen failures. Load testing of cranes and other heavy equipment is conducted under strict supervision. A detailed visual inspection complements our approach, allowing for the detection of potential anomalies or wear before they become problematic.

Intervention on all types of equipment

Mach Yachting operates on all types of yacht equipment to ensure maintenance and troubleshooting. Among the services offered, you can find:


      • Maintenance of hydraulic power units: oil change, filter, tank cleaning
      • Maintenance and refurbishment of all types of cylinders: changing seals, rods, bodies, painting services and testing on test benches
      • Maintenance and refurbishment of pumps: pressure checks, flow checks, component checks and testing on test benches
      • Hydraulic thrusters: oil change of thruster feet, changing shaft seals, changing bearings and all mechanical parts
      • Replacement of damaged and defective hoses: worn or pierced, possibility of on-site crimping in emergency situations without dismantling the entire hose
      • Gangway refit: cylinder, hose, sensors, mechanical parts
      • Crane refit: cylinder, hose, sensors, mechanical parts
      • Replacement of hydraulic components: troubleshooting, leak detection, repair
    intervention des systèmes hydrauliques pour les équipements d'Accès sur bateau

    Access equipment

    Gangways, plateforms, swimming ladders

    équipement de ponts

    Deck equipment

    Windlasses, winch

    équipements de propulsions sur bateau

    Thruster systems

    Bow thrusters, stern thrusters


    Lifting equipment

    Cranes, cables

    stabilisateurs sur bateau

    stabilizing systems

    Static stabilization, dynamic stabilization, flap system

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    A professional and responsive team

    MACH YACHTING, founded by Benjamin Chevilley, has established itself as a benchmark in yacht hydraulic maintenance throughout the Mediterranean basin. The team consists of specialized and passionate professionals, dedicated to providing rapid, professional, and meticulous interventions.

    Ten years ago, after earning a professional degree in “Maintenance and Aeronautical Production,” Benjamin had the opportunity to work alongside Philippe Paggetti, who brought over 30 years of experience to his projects. Today, they collaborate regularly on projects.

    “Thanks to our commitment, along with my team, to excellence and our personalized approach, we have been able to grow our clientele who remain loyal thanks to the quality of the services and interactions we provide.” – Benjamin

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    Operational area

    From Imperia in Italy to La Ciotat, MACH YACHTING ensures responsiveness and professionalism across the entire French Riviera.

    Ideally located, MACH YACHTING has a workshop in Saint-Laurent du Var, which serves as a strategic central location to ensure efficiency and rapid response along the French Riviera. It is also a crucial point for yacht owners, captains, and crews from around the world. Do not hesitate to contact the team for services in any port on the French Riviera.

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    Acting as experts in the field, the MACH YACHTING team regularly works on shipyards in collaboration with Monaco Marine but also with loyal clients from the Mediterranean basin.

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